Meet Lotus

Lotus is an innovative decentralized platform for gamers and game developers that brings justice for all in the gaming world.


your games are yours

Play, lend and trade your digital games easily and safely, thanks to a fair DRM system.


shoot the middle man

Buyers will purchase games directly from developers with no man in the middle. This means 100% profits for devs and better products for everyone.

fund games you believe in

Fund new or existing game projects transparently by participating in the Lotus Investment Program, which creates a Lotus contract between you and the developer. Your return on investment will come from sales revenue.


Lotus Brings the Best of Two Worlds

Classic DRM/SteamFree DRM/GOGLotus DRM
Install activations limitLimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Persistent online authenticationRequiredNot requiredNot required
Protected against piracyYesNoYes


August 2017

Protocol and app design

September 2017

Branding & Design

November 2017

Launch Project Site

December - January 2018

Base Contracts Development

February 2018

Presale Campaign

March 2018

Presale Event

May 2018

Crowdsale Event

June - July 2018

Developer Tools module development

August - September 2018

Library and Store modules development

October 2018

Funding module development

November - December 2018

Private Alpha in the testnet

January 2019

Public Beta version in the mainet

Lotus Store

An innovative distribution platform that uses the Lotus Core API to run the trade operations. This platform will serve as a showcase for developers to publish and sell their games.

Lotus Store


If all profits from game sales go to the developers, how will Lotus make a profit?

The Lotus business model revolves around the Lotus Store publishing features, promoting systems and hosting solutions.

What is “a Fair DRM” and how does it work?

Blockchain assets plus the smart contracts technology allow us to write rules where selling a game is not a barrier to trade it in the free market, thus allowing the game owner to sell, lend or exchange the game after buying it.

What is a token and what can it buy?

A token is a Lotus coin. It can be used to buy goods from the Lotus Store and within some games.

What is the Lotus Investment Program?

It’s a funding program that offers developers the opportunity to fund their existing or new game project using Lotus Tokens (LTS) to help them launch their project. Developers who participate in this program will give a small percentage of their revenue to their inverstors. The Lotus Investment Program uses blockchain to be secure and transparent in all aspects of the process.

Meet Our Team

Mauricio Reyes

Mauricio is a full stack developer with 7 years of experience. He has a deep understanding about cryptocurrencies and the inner workings of the blockchain technology. His role is to assess the technical aspect and direct the vision of Lotus Core.

Pedro Piñango

Pedro has been part of the management team of startups recognized by programs such as TechStars, Wayra and Startup Chile. His role is to put the right pieces together to achieve success in business.

Alejandro Rojas

Alejandro has 10+ years delivering data-driven solutions and products. He is a seasoned entrepreneur boasting degrees from Duke, Berkeley and MIT. He uses his expertise and knowledge to help Lotus Core make smart financial decisions.

Andres Salazar

Andrés is a software developer with 7 years of experience in the field, working in projects with global outreach. He is a well versed cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Alberto Sanchez

Alberto has 8 years of experience developing web applications for startups in different stages. He has been in charge of software projects as a project manager and lead developer in the last years.

Luis Miguel Bello

Luis is a psychologist with 5 years of experience in market and UX research for companies. His role is to align business goals, user needs and usability to deliver a cohesive experience. He is passionate about games and game design.

Sebastian Garaton

Sebastian has been responsable for the UI and visual design of many projects. He has also made beautiful illustrations as different pieces of work, like the ones from the successful mobile game “Wordie”.

German Jaber

Germán is an experienced system administrator skilled in AWS, Linux systems, web hosting and metrics collection. His role is to find simple solutions for complex problems.

Marcel Imery

Founder of Imery Urdaneta, Attorney (UCAB), LLM (Duke), MBA (Hult) will be providing his legal advise for Lotus Core.

Cesar Romero

Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Unity Technologies is now supporting Lotus Core from his perspective as an engineer of the popular game engine.

Ken Berger

Venture consultant and crypto currency event organizer, assisting major VC firms in deal sourcing, and mentoring/investing in tech startups worldwide.

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